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New Fishing Video from It's for Reels

Fishing season is in full swing in Ensenada.  Below is a recent video from the decks of "It's for Reels".  Baja4Fun offers full service fishing packages that include hotel, transfers, and fishing on private charters like the one in the video below, or on party boat style.  You choose!  Click here for details Fishing reports


Fishing reports by Louie Prieto
Captain, It's 4 Reels


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Baja California Fishing Report for Ensenada


Note from Baja4Fun:
Special thanks to Louie Prieto for providing these Ensenada fishing reports.  Louie runs his own Ensenada charter boat, called, It's 4 Reels.  He also owns and operates a sports bar called Tequilas, in Ensenada. Tequilas is a half a block off of Calle Primera, close to the main blvd in Ensenada (three blocks south of Papas and Beer).  He offers a full service bar.  Ask for one of Louie's signature margaritas.  They also serve delicious, affordable and authentic Mexican and seafood plates.  Try the Shrimp Diablo pasta plate - it's awesome!

Tequilas is an American style sports bar in Ensenada!  They have several large HD TVs (and an amazing sound system) with a full line-up of American sports channels and they often carry major events such as pay-per-view boxing, MMA and other premium events.  Louie also makes available free, secure Wi-Fi and free calls to the USA on his Magic Jack phone!  So stop by and catch up on your sports (and your FaceBook), while you're shore-side in Ensenada. 

Tequilas Ensenada Sports Bar
Tequilas Ensenada Sport's Bar & Grill is located on Miramar street between Lopez Mateos and Blvd Costero.

Bill Lorenz.,  is here to assist you with your next fishing trip.  We will be sure to hook you up with clean, affordable accommodations and Louie Prieto as your fishing charter captain.  Let us take care of the details so you can just show up in Ensenada and fish. 

Contact us at or toll free 1-800-610-6418.  
Happy fishing!


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Ensenada Fishing report

Ensenada -  Yellowtail Fishing in the Bay     Report 3/9 and 3/11/2014
by Louie Prieto,  Capt. of  It's 4 Reels 

Yellowtail fishing went off Sunday afternoon for the crew of the It's 4 Reels in an area 2-3 miles north of San Miguel Reef. Tim McNulty and Joe Feeney were out on this trip.  We ended our day with 9 yellows from 18 to 32 lbs. all caught on the iron and 8 of the 9 were caught after 2PM.  Blue/white 6x jrs. fished through the water column caught the first few fish and then a light aluminum Candy Bar jig became the hot jig of the day accounting for the next 5 fish.

We had several spots of yellows come up right next to us.  It was amazing to see 25-35 lb. yellowtail chasing our jigs right to the boat.  There was a wide area of these hard fighting jacks and as long as the weather holds out they should be around for a while.

We also had a whale give us quite a show:


Ensenada -  Yellows and Lings     Report 3/13/2012
by Louie Prieto,  Capt. of  It's 4 Reels 

Had a few charters this week and the catch of the week was definitely green and ugly. We must have pulled in about 100 ling cod with only a handful being kept. Water has definitely rolled but the temps were steady ranging between 57-60 degrees. Highlights for the week were a 15 lb yellowtail caught by Pete Harms on a small yo yoed diamond jig. Also on Sunday 3-11-12 after dropping off my charter at the Marina Coral I headed out to the reefs just outside pulled out my Shimano Calcutta 150 and fished a twin tail plastic for 7 nice sand and calico bass in 20 minutes. I called in some buddies and they pulled out a few as well. Looks like a storm is approaching so it is time to batten down the hatches and wait it out. Oh and Happy St. Patty's Day!


Ensenada -  Pati with Yellows, Whitefish and Lings     Report 3/5/2012
by Louie Prieto,  Capt. of  It's 4 Reels 

My wife Pati said she wanted to catch a yellowtail.  And I said hell yeah let's go fishing!  We left Cruiseport Marina around 7AM with an ice chest full of supplies:

We started our search for working birds.  Water temps had dipped to as low as 55.9 at the Bajo and the birds were not as prevelant as they have been.  We finally found a small group of birds sitting and waiting.  The meter also lit up on what looked to be yellows on bait in the same area.  After a few drops with the iron (chrome and blue & white) I was hit solid on the retrieve.  After a short  fight I was off.  Damn!  A few minutes later Pati and I were both on.  And I was able to get mine to stick while Pati ended up losing hers.  She was not a happy camper until she was able to stick my fish then she turned happy again:

This fish hit the lure on the sink which has happened to me a few times during these last couple of months.  Trick is to make sure you keep your line between your fingers and as soon as the line stops or takes off rapidly put the reel in gear and swing 2 or 3 times hard.  Although the birds, bait and sun came up later in the day we never saw yellows on the surface or got picked up again.  Did I mention the beautiful summer like conditions:

Pati picked up limits of whitefish and reds fishing strip bait live sardines we made on the sabikis.  I stuck with the iron most of the day and caught 20+ lings with all but 4 released and a couple of nice reds.  The last ling I caught hit just before dark and hit a lizardfish that we had caught earlier. 

Here is a pic of the strangest catch of the day:

We saw maybe 1 or 2 boats the entire day.  All in all it was a great day on the water.  I love Ensenada!


Ensenada -  Yellowtail, Reds and Lings     Report 2/24/2012
by Louie Prieto,  Capt. of  It's 4 Reels 

Yellow fever struck the It's 4 Reels again. Left Cruiseport Marina at 6AM with Wayde Nichols, Chris and Andy all reved up and ready to do some damage to the local yellowtail stocks. After a quick run to the San Miguel Bajo we found few birds and only an occasional meter mark. We kept on looking and saw birds working in the distance. Turned out to be straight bait (mackerel, jack mackerel and sardines). While running from spot to spot we picked up some nice lings and reds:

A couple of the larger reds hit way up in the water column chasing the chrome Tady A9's up to about 40-60 feet from the surface. A couple of miles from Isla Todos Santos we found a huge pileup of birds, bait, krill along with a few boils of the right kind as we arrived. A couple of casts later and I get hit on the sink. I put the reel in gear and swing twice as hard as I can. After a tough fight using 30 lb test I get this nice 25 lber to gaff:

We move towards the birds and there are boils all around. Wayde is the first to make a cast and he is on solid. Or so we thought. 5 minutes into it the fish spits the jig. During this time Andy is soaking a mackerel and he gets hammered. He fights it for a couple of minutes before handing it off to Chris. This is the first time Chris has ever felt a yellowtail's power. He does an excellent job of fighting it and brings this beautiful fish in:

That would be it on the yellows for the day. There were sooo many birds, sardines and mackerel feeding on large slicks of krill. It is looking pretty good for the coming season.


Ensenada -  Yellowtail & Bass     Report 2/21/2012
by Louie Prieto,  Capt. of  It's 4 Reels 

We're back!

Thanks to Gonzalo and his staff at West Coast Marine in Newport Beach the It's 4 Reels is back on the water and better than ever. They did an awesome job in cleaning up the mess that the last mechanics at Arojona and Saltwater Specialties did. That's as far as I'll go with that...and now to the fishing.

After driving from Ensenada to Newport Beach (4AM to 9:30AM) and taking care of some personal business I picked up the boat that same day and drove back to Ensenada arriving at 2:30AM. Slept fast and dropped the boat in the water at 6AM. Fishing with me today was Yalan who manages a yacht in the Marina Coral. Called him at 1:30AM and he said let's go fishing. Headed for the Bajo (San Migual Reef) and the birds were there but not working. We moved around looking for meter marks and found some. Yalan hooked up just a few feet from the boat. We were yo-yoing deep and I also had a follow. 15 minutes later he had this nice 25 lb brute to gaff:

For the next couple hours we looked around and chased birds but the fish that did show were down pretty quick. We decided to hit the areas where the birds were, meter around and shut down the engines on any marks that looked promising. It paid off for yours truly as I hooked these 2 nice 20 and 23 lb fish between 12:30 and 1:30:

The wind started to come up and I was exhausted and we called it a day. Nice way to break in the new boat. Well it's seems new again. I also had a charter on Wednesday with Jeffery and his friend Lucas from New York on 2-22. We had a late start as they were on the Carnival Cruise ship that arrives around 9AM. We headed out to the Bajo and metered and saw some fish but it was a no go on the yellows We did manage to catch some nice reds, whitefish and assorted rockfish and 1 nice ling cod:

They were really cool people and I wish I could have got them on some yellows but the fish were not very cooperative. Heading out again tomorrow. I am pretty open for charters right now but check with me before booking.


Ensenada -  Yellowtail & Bass     Report 2/11/2012
by Louie Prieto,  Capt. of  It's 4 Reels 

The yellowtail went off today. The reel Adventure out of Marina Coral scored 14 between 20-30 lbs., Azteca Too had 6 with a couple of other misc. scores on other boats. I should be back on the water with a brand new lower unit by Wednesday. If all goes well I should be back on the water by Thursday weather permitting. Most fish were deep on the yo yo iron.


Ensenada -  Yellowtail & Bass     Report 2/3/2012
by Louie Prieto,  Capt. of  It's 4 Reels 

First the good news yellows still around. Fished with Jose Medrano, Richard Arias, Dan Couturie and Angel Garcia for a nice 26 lb yellow and assorted rockfish. We headed out of Cruiseport Marina around 6:30 into a thick fog. Destination was the San Miguel Reef where we have been picking off at least 1 or 2 homeguard yellows each time out. Fog lifted and we arrived at the area where the yellows have been showing pretty quickly. There were no birds working so we started making bait all the while looking for signs that would mark the presence of yellowtail. Jose has good eyes as he spotted a group of birds working way out in the distance. Lines up was the call and we raced over only to find the birds that were working now sitting on the surface waiting for something to happen. This happened a couple of times with one occassion showing some nice marks on my Furuno fish finder. Jose was the first to get his jig down and he got hit on the sink, put the reel in gear, sets the hook and it's fish on. He puts the wood to the homeguard yellow and in no time I sink the gaff into a nice 26 lber.

That would be it on the yellows for the day. We headed to spots north and picked away at a bunch salmon grouper, sculpin and assorted rockfish. There was very little current and the bigger fish were not hitting the deck despite being able to use some nice sized mackerel for bait. The Reel Adventure started catching some lings at the island so we took off from the Salsipuedes area to take one more look at San Miguel before hitting the island.

Now the bad news. I was in the tower driving, listening to the tunes and enjoying a coldie on a beautiful sunny and calm day when all of sudden the engine decides to give out...we lose forward and reverse but the engine is still turning. The lower unit has taken a dump. DAMN! This is the second time in less than 2 years. Well long story short is I have some great friends here in Ensenada and the Reel Adventure (Wes, Paul and his crew), Yalan and Mike Kraus all lent a hand on getting me to the dock, getting me to my truck and getting my boat on the trailer. All I can say is a big thank you guys! I really appreciate all your help. Well needless to say that I really need to get this fixed quickly. I will keep you posted on the It's 4 Reels progress.


Ensenada -  Yellowtail & Bass     Report 1/30/2012
by Louie Prieto,  Capt. of  It's 4 Reels

Left Cruiseport Marina with Steve Huth and Angel Garcia around 6AM in search of yellowtail. It was a beautiful morning with a slight Santa Ana rippling lake Pacific:

First stop would be the area known as "El Bajo" which shows as San Miguel Reef on most charts. We found the birds but they were all just sitting and waiting for something to happen. We proceeded to load up the bait tank with mackerel and sardines using sabikis and quick release sinkers:

Steve caught the first fish of the day:

After about an hour the birds started to take off and we spotted our first boil and gunned it to the spot. Once there more birds started circling about 1/4 mile away and we slid into a group that was hovering over what turned out to be the only school of yellows we would get a shot at. A couple of cast later I got boiled on right behind the boat and it was fish on:

After a tough 15-20 minute fight this nice 24 lber was gaffed by Angel and hit the deck:

By the time we regrouped the fish were gone and not seen again for the rest of the day. We spent the rest of the day fishing many areas including the areas off Baja Mar, Salsipuedes, Todos Santos Island and the El Farro reefs for slow fishing. We metered fish everywhere but there was very little current all day. We did manage to catch some nice salmon grouper and a nice ling cod on a mackerel fished on dropper loops:

I also had the pleasure of talking to and working with Victor Campos of La Salina Sportfishing. Thanks for the info Victor. Water temps were 56.8-58.2 throughout the areas we fished.

It was a beautiful day on the water with many grey whale sightings and this very cool sunset


Ensenada -  Yellowtail & Bass     Report 1/19/2012
by Louie Prieto,  Capt. of  It's 4 Reels  (fished aboard Blackjack)

We fished Thursday on the Blackjack with Mike Kraus, Angel Garcia and David. We headed out of Mike's slip in the Marina Coral, searching for working birds that would lead us to our targeted species, yellowtail, which have been popping up with regularity for the last 3 weeks.

We finally found the birds working a wide area just before the bajo (San Miguel Reef) and we chased boiling fish for 90 minutes before they sank out. It was run and gun as we landed 2 out of 3 hookups on fish weighing 24 and 30 lbs. Megabaits and small irons did the trick again. The fish were gone by 8:30 and we caught a few rockfish to end the day.

Ensenada -  Yellowtail & Bass   Report - 1/20/2012
by Louie Prieto,  Capt. of  It's 4 Reels

Seeing all those fish made me want to do it all OVER again on the It's 4 Reels, so Angel and I headed out again to the same area. We were there a little earlier and the wind was up and the water temps were down a couple of degrees. The birds finally gathered and started working around 7:30 but it was all show on the baitfish and no show and no go on the yellows.

We covered the bajo, the isla and shot across to Punta Banda for nada. What we did see were acres of baitfish and we loaded up on small to medium macks, spanish macks, sardines and anchovies. We also saw close to 20 grey whales for the 2 days we were out. The wind was down inside so we fished SW of El Farro rock for some nice sand bass and calicos on plastics and mega baits before the wind found us again. Also spoke to Wes on the Reel Adventure and they pulled in several ling cod on Saturday topped by a 28 pounder on mackerel.



Ensenada - End of Year Yellowtail  -  Report - 12/30/2011

by Louie Prieto, Capt. of  It's 4 Reels

Wayde Nichols and Chris Pion timed there trip on the It's 4 Reels perfectly. Big yellows were caught by a couple of local boats on Wednesday but were a no show on Thursday. We headed out of Cruiseport Marina around 6AM and headed for the north point of Todos Santos Island. We were in and out of light fog and stopped on a couple of spots of diving birds for nada. We then started looking towards the area around San Miguel Reef. We metered fish on the high spot and thought it might be mackerel but the sabikis were loaded up with blacksmith perch.

The fog was lifting by this point and we found diving birds working over many different schools of big yellows about 2 miles inside of the north end of the island. It was run and gun the rest of the morning as we chased down and hooked 10 yellows boating 5 from 20 to 27 lbs. Chris was high man on the boat with 3 yellows landed. Wayde was hooked up constantly and managed 1 yellow. I was snake bit most of the morning until I finally switched from using the 45/7x size jigs to smaller heavier 6x size in solid chrome. My only 2 hits were instant and came on the sink. Fought the first fish for 10 minutes before it came unbuttoned and the 2nd fish was 24lbs and fought hard. It's been awhile and it felt good to have something pull that hard on the right equipment. Not sure how long these fish will hang around but I hope they stay long enough for the next charter. Happy New Year!

By Captain Louie Prieto (Ensenada)


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Editor's Note:  I ate a plate of one these yellowtails at Louie's sports bar, Tequilas.  Delicious!
Bill Lorenz, Baja4Fun,com


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