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Mexican Auto Insurance

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Why do I need it?
Legal assistance option
Where to buy Mexican Insurance

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Why stop at the border?
Buy your Mexican Auto Insurance here.

Why do I need it?

Mexican auto insurance is very easy to obtain and is sold in varying increments.  The insurance can be purchased as liability only, or you can purchase the full liability, collision and comp options.  Either way, liability for every minute you are in Mexico is the law!

U.S. insurance for all of your vehicles, including cars, boats and trailers of any kind, is very limited south of the border, at best.  Additionally it is against the law to drive in Mexico without liability insurance.  In Mexico, you are guilty until proven innocent, therefore if you should have an accident (even a fender-bender), it is automatically your fault, until you prove otherwise.  As a result, you must show that you can pay for any damages (including hospitalization and other costs associated with bodily injury) or you will be detained (see legal assistance option below).  

Should I buy the legal assistance option?

Many of the Mexican Insurance companies offer what is called "legal Assistance".  This option will provide a Mexican attorney (abogado) in the event of an accident.  In the event of a minor accident, the abogado will handle any legal proceedings or paperwork and you will be immediately released to go on your way.   This insurance option can be purchased for a dollar or two per day, which is money well spent avoiding a ruined day in Mexico over a dented fender.

Where to buy Mexican Insurance
Mexican insurance can be purchased at various vendors just prior to crossing the border.  Baja4Fun recommends the following vendors (below).  You can even very conveniently obtain price quotes and handle the transaction over the web.

Driving the Baja Peninsula

Something that we think should go on the "bucket list" is driving the length of the Baja peninsula and experiencing the quaint picturesque towns along the way at leisure. You will experience amazing desert scenery, great Mexican food, wonderful people and memorable times like in no other parts of the world.  With that said you should be aware of the common sense rules and advice and experience of those that live and travel Baja California and Baja California Sur on a regular basis. With all of the recent negative media on Mexico travel, we recommend reading the following article to get the inside knowledge on how to travel safely in Baja.  Enjoy a safe trip to Baja!
Mexico Travel Warning in Perspective - from

Have a safe trip to Mexico!

Why stop at the border?
Buy your Mexican Auto Insurance here.


Great for the following people...
- Contractors / Roofers / Plumbers / Etc.
- Kids and adults that play sports
- Dirt bike / Motocross / Quad riders
- Anyone with a high deductible health plan
(Includes emergency air ambulance from Mexico)