Tijuana, Baja California  -  Mexico


Tijuana is located 198 kilometers from Mexicali on Federal Hwy No.2.  Tijuana is said to be the most important and cultural border town to the United States.  It is cosmopolitan, with a population of over a million inhabitants, and is always in a state of constant growth.

This dynamic and sophisticated city is only 25 minutes away from downtown San Diego, and is the most visited city in the world.  Tijuana's tourist and commerce district is centralized at Avenida Revolución, which caters to an enormous number of tourists every year from all parts of the world.  Just as American tourists visit the city of Tijuana, so do Mexican tourists visit the United States and Southern California across the well traveled border. 

Visitors from the US come for a variety of attractions, such as the abundant shopping, culinary delights of Mexico, and even for special events such as the Jai Alai games that are held in Tijuana on a regular basis.

The city also has two important bullrings, greyhound racing, various sports books in both Tijuana and Ensenada, as well as the beautiful ocean links golf resorts. There is also a world class cultural and entertainment center, an OMNIMAX theater, an anthropological museum, art gallery and theater arts where famous international or local presentations can be experienced. Other attractions in Tijuana include a wax museum and Mexitlán, containing 200 scale models of Mexico’s most famous archeological sites.  Another advantage offered by the city, is the ability to shop in the tax free stores, where you can take a break from shopping to walk into one of the many Mexican gourmet restaurants that offer Mexican cuisines, international cuisines and the best margaritas and beers in the most fun atmospheres.

Tijuana, being a large metropolitan area, also has an international airport, a large convention center and plenty of 4 and 5 star hotels to accommodate the many conventions and conferences that make their home in Tijuana each year.




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